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Provincial Series #10 - Temiskaming Shores

February 2-4, 2024

Haileybury, ON


Please scroll past this information box to access registration



Assigned Athlete registration will open at 12:00 PM (noon) Friday, November 24, 2023, and will close at 11:59 PM Monday, November 27, 2023.  

Assigned athletes may register at their leisure during this registration period. 

Public registration, including STAR 1-4 and Special Olympic categories, will open at 12:00 PM (noon) Wednesday, November 29, 2023, and will close at 11:59 PM Sunday, December 3, 2023. 



Program music must be submitted through Uplifter as an MP3 file.  This includes all Series 8 pattern dance music.  You may upload your music file at the time of checkout, OR you may log into your account at a later date to upload your music file.  If you checkout without uploading your music file, you must log into your account and upload your music file by 11:59 PM Sunday, January 7, 2024. You may also edit any uploaded file before this time. 

Please review the event announcement located on the detailed event page (linked below) for full music requirements (including back-up music format).  



Questions should be directed to Brittany Bilsborough

Qualifying Freeskate & Artistic
Women's Qualifying Freeskate

Gold Women

STAR 10 Women

STAR 9 O14 Women

STAR 9 U14 Women

STAR 8 Women

STAR 7 O12 Women

STAR 7 U12 Women

STAR 6 Women

STAR 5 O13 Women

STAR 5 U13 Women

STAR 5 U10 Women

Juvenile U14 Women

Juvenile U12 Women

Pre-Juvenile U13 Women

Pre-Juvenile U11 Women

Men's Qualifying Freeskate

Gold Men

STAR 10 Men

STAR 9 O14 Men

STAR 9 U14 Men

STAR 8 Men

STAR 7 O12 Men

STAR 7 U12 Men

STAR 6 Men

STAR 5 O13 Men

STAR 5 U13 Men

STAR 5 U10 Men

Juvenile U14 Men

Juvenile U12 Men

Pre-Juvenile U13 Men

Pre-Juvenile U11 Men

Qualifying Artistic

Gold Artistic

STAR 9 Artistic

STAR 7 Artistic

STAR 5 Artistic

Non-Qualifying Freeskate & Artistic
Women's Non-Qualifying Freeskate

STAR 7 O12 Women NQ

STAR 7 U12 Women NQ

STAR 6 Women NQ

STAR 5 O13 Women NQ

STAR 5 U13 Women NQ

STAR 5 U10 Women NQ

Men's Non-Qualifying Freeskate

STAR 7 O12 Men NQ

STAR 7 U12 Men NQ


STAR 5 O13 Men NQ

STAR 5 U13 Men NQ

STAR 5 U10 Men NQ

Non-Qualifying Artistic

STAR 7 Artistic NQ

STAR 5 Artistic NQ

STAR 1-4 & Supplementary Categories
STAR 1-3 Girls/Boys Freeskate

STAR 3 Girls/Boys

STAR 2 Girls/Boys

STAR 1 Girls/Boys

STAR 4 Girl's Freeskate

STAR 4 O13 Girls

STAR 4 U13 Girls

STAR 4 U10 Girls

STAR 4 Boy's Freeskate

STAR 4 O13 Boys

STAR 4 U13 Boys

STAR 4 U10 Boys

STAR 1-4 Ice Dance

STAR 2/3 Couples Dance

STAR 2/3 Solo Dance

STAR 1-Gold
Group Showcase

Group Showcase 4

Group Showcase 3

Group Showcase 2

Group Showcase 1

Individual Showcase

Individual Showcase 4

Individual Showcase 3

Individual Showcase 2

Individual Showcase 1

Creative Improv

Creative Improv 4

Creative Improv 3

Creative Improv 2

Creative Improv 1

Team Elements

Gold Team Elements

STAR 9/10 Team Elements

STAR 7/8 Team Elements

STAR 6 Team Elements

STAR 5 Team Elements

STAR 4 Team Elements

STAR 3 Team Elements

STAR 2 Team Elements

Individual Elements

Gold Individual Elements

STAR 9/10 Individual Elements

STAR 7/8 Individual Elements

STAR 6 Individual Elements

STAR 5 Individual Elements

STAR 4 Individual Elements

STAR 3 Individual Elements

STAR 2 Individual Elements

Special Olympic 
Special O Master's Freekate

Master's Level 1/2

Master's Level 3/4

Special O Women's Freeskate

Open Women

Level 6 Women

Level 5 Women

Level 4 Women

Level 3 Women

Level 2 Women

Level 1 Women

Special O Men's Freeskate

Open Men

Level 6 Men

Level 5 Men

Level 4 Men

Level 3 Men

Level 2 Men

Level 1 Men

Special O Artistic

Special O Gold Artistic

Special O STAR 9 Artistic

Special O STAR 7 Artistic

Special O STAR 5 Artistic

Special O Couples Dance

Level 6 Couples Dance

Level 5 Couples Dance

Level 4 Couples Dance

Level 3 Couples Dance

Level 2 Couples Dance

Level 1 Couples Dance

Introductory Couples Dance

Special O Solo Dance

Level 6 Solo Dance

Level 5 Solo Dance

Level 4 Solo Dance

Level 3 Solo Dance

Level 2 Solo Dance

Level 1 Solo Dance

Introductory Solo Dance

Special O Pair

Level 3 Pair

Level 2 Pair

Level 1 Pair

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